This is a black and white photograph of a thunderhead on the western south dakota prairie.

© Copyright – Cristen J. Roghair

“I love the beauty and texture in a thunderhead!” On Cristen’s ranch in western South Dakota, the sky is unhindered for a full show of the storm until it passes. This ‘Brewing’ thunderhead was shot from the top of the hill south of her ranch house.

Cristen was in the process of making supper and paused for a moment to look out her window at the sky. The view was irresistible! She dropped everything, grabbed her gear and headed for the highest hill (which she’s named Glorious Splendor). Most of Cristen’s favorite images are spur of the moment. “I am so grateful to live where I do, that I get the privilege of seeing these views every day.” Daily watching the landscape surrounding Cristen allows for those spur of the moment decisions to head out and capture the raw beauty of the western South Dakota prairie.

Brewing was part of the 2017 National Weather Center Biennale at the University of Oklahoma.
Cristen was the only South Dakota artist chosen for this exhibition.

12 x 18 Metalic Canvas

Medium: Photography

Date Added: August 10, 2017

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