Star Gazing

This photo is of the Milky Way with a silhouette of a horse.

© Copyright – Cristen J. Roghair

Star Gazing

I went out to my horse pasture to see what I could come up with by photographing them with the Milky Way. Since I need the camera open for at least 20 seconds to gain the correct exposure, and my horses won’t stand still for that long, they helped create some incredibly breathtaking photos. I had my camera almost resting on the ground, stabilized by my tripod, so there’s also bits of grasses in the foreground. Shot in September 2016, it is possible that the bright yellow star you can see is Jupiter.


A 12×18 acrylic print can be found at Piper Fine Art Gallery in Sioux Falls, SD.

6 x 4 Framed Giclee Canvas Photography Print

Medium: Photography

Date Added: September 1, 2017

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