Bill Feterl


Bill is a South Dakota native, living most of his life in the Lead-Deadwood area. As a student at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD, he began studying watercolor painting. His education consists of a B.S. in Fine Arts with a double major in Communication Art. Bill is a signature member of Artists of the Black Hills and Northern Plains Watercolor Society.
Along with watercolor painting, Bill has illustrated several safety manuals and accident prevention drawings for mining companies. The illustrations were done with pen and ink. Producing daily pencil sketches or doodles help maintain his drawing skills. Painting and drawing have and always will hold his attention.
Also, Bill has illustrated several coin designs. The designs reflected the labor force of our nation. He is familiar with producing artwork per a customer’s request and has painted several commissions.

Mediums: Watercolor

“I consider myself a traditional watercolorist. I enjoy the challenge of painting and drawing. Rustic images are my favorite subject matter. Old automobiles, abandoned buildings or a broken down fence seem to grab my interest. I have good memories as a child. The art trends of the 1950’s have influenced me. Illustrator Norman Rockwell is a favorite of mine. Like Mr. Rockwell, I hope my paintings will warm the hearts of viewers and take them back to a pleasant time in their lives. If I can bring a smile to the face of a viewer, I have done my job as an artist. Designing and composing a piece of artwork is the first challenge all artists face when beginning a painting or any piece of work. With good design and technique I attempt to keep a viewer’s interest.“

–Bill Feterl

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