Bonnie Halsey-Dutton


I paint in two different series of artwork. Through one series, I paint regional landscapes that depict my life experiences living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I also paint landscapes inspired by locations I have witnessed through global travel. The second series of artwork I create examines the historical past and how it continues to impact the present. Within this series of artwork, I frequently employ antique trade beads as a metaphor for humankind’s cultural interconnection. Beads such as these are physical objects that once served as a form of international currency, and they remain as a testament to humankind’s complex global interaction. Throughout human history, barter between cultures involved currency such as spices, textiles, weaponry, and sadly, other human beings. Many of these centuries-old practices continue today. My examination of global trade does not justify these practices. Instead, I strive to challenge thought about interaction between cultures as a continuing aspect of contemporary global exchange.

My watercolor paintings are rendered on Ampersand Archival Claybord, and are comprised of numerous layers of color. A glossy permanent varnish is applied to the surface, allowing the watercolor paintings to be displayed without glass. I also paint with traditional watercolor on paper as well as oil paint on various surfaces.

I am a professional artist as well as fine arts educator. I hold a PhD in Art History and Education from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in Art and Visual Culture. I exhibit my paintings and I teach art both nationally and internationally. The workshops that I lead encourage creative risk-taking through use of multimodality.

My paintings are represented by Prairie Edge Gallery in Rapid City, SD, and I am an instructor for The Art in the Algarve School in Olhão, teaching an annual creativity workshop there. My full resume is available through my website: Bonnie Halsey-Dutton. Additionally, my website includes an extensive collection of images and descriptions about my artwork in a blog that I write about my artistic undertakings.

Mediums: Oil, Watercolor

“My artwork honors stories and explores humankind’s connection to the past. Growing up and living in South Dakota impacts my imagery. My art explores local landscapes, ancient artifacts, cultural symbols, and regional stories. When I paint, I explore how yesteryear’s narratives shape our contemporary world. Cultures have become increasingly intertwined, and physical objects along with humans themselves continuously circumnavigate the earth and make new connections. My paintings reflect my growing awareness of the ecological impact of our lifestyle and I endeavor to challenge viewers of my art to examine the world with a different perspective.“

–Bonnie Halsey-Dutton