Kathy Sigle


I have spent countless hours on the real working ranch gathering reference material that has or will someday end up in one of my paintings. I feel the authentic western lifestyle is slipping away and I need to capture those fleeting episodes with my brush. Those flashing moments in time are what excite me and spur me on to keep them alive for others to see and experience.
I believe I have been given a talent and my goal is to paint everyday and become the best Artist I can be. Even now, after years of painting, I realize the more I work in watercolors the more I have yet to learn. It’s an exciting journey and I hope you enjoy experiencing my artwork as much as I have enjoyed painting it. I’m always excited about what is next to come….Keep watching and together we’ll see….Kathy

Mediums: Watercolor

“The western way of life has always played an important aspect in my life. I can remember when I was 6 years old wanting to enter a coloring contest. I was so excited when I won! I was always drawing during my school years. I especially enjoyed the time when I worked in pencil on an old woman’s face. I didn’t know the woman but I was intrigued by all of her character and wrinkles. When I was in high school I sold my first drawing. It was a pen and ink of a zebra and a teacher bought it. I grew up with horses and many times visited my Grandparents farm spending time around “Bessie” the milk cow or the herds of cattle in the pastures.As I prepared for college my dad asked me what I wanted to do as a career and I said “All I ever wanted to be was an Artist”. I worked for another 10 years in pencil and colored pencil until my mom, who is also an artist, suggested I try watercolor. She worked with me on one small painting and that is all it took. Wow! Watercolor was fun!! I have spent 18 years getting to know this medium. I have attended a few professional workshops and won awards for ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Peoples Choice’ numerous times. My paintings have also had the good fortune of being in collections around the country.“

–Kathy Sigle