Bj Stych


BJ was born and raised in Eastern Nebraska. She obtained her Bachelors Degree in art from the University of Nebraska. For many years, she and her husband traveled the country participating in art fairs, shows, and exhibits. BJ has achieved awards in various regional and national shows and competitions. In 2005, BJ, her husband and son moved to Custer, South Dakota. She is a signature member of “Artists of the Black Hills”

Mediums: Watercolor

“My early years growing up on the family dairy farm in Eastern Nebraska, provided me with wonderful inspiration. Before I began to paint, I was an artist at heart, deeply admiring the art of the Creator. I have loved art and Him ever since. Painting has become my way of saying “Thank You!” and “Look!” For many years I have expressed that the production of painting comes from an overflow. I would get so joyful and enthusiastic about what I was seeing and feeling that I would just have to share it with someone. Lately I have found that the whole process, from the searching for a scene that would make a good painting, the first stroke to the last is exciting and peaceful at the same time. “Enjoying God’s glories and speaking them out again, we were made for this”, is one of my favorite quotes and pretty much captures what painting is about for me. Although I still work with transparent watercolor, in the last few years I have begun adding colored pencil and now painting mostly on Aquabord as a new surface. Because Aquabord is tough and forgiving, I can scratch, scrape, scribble, and lift color with a freedom I did not have before. I enjoy the editing and problem solving process needed to create various images. Also, a fun difference…the painting can be protected and framed without glass!“

–Bj Stych

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