The Black Hills

The Black Hills region of South Dakota & Wyoming is a uniquely diverse, distinct geological phenomenon — a forested island in the plains at the center of our nation. It is sparsely populated and subject to extreme weather conditions, many of which might be experienced within an hour’s drive from the Badlands, across the prairie, rivers and creeks and into the pine and spruce covered mountains. This semi-arid but lush area represents a wealth of minerals, abundant wild life and rich, fertile valleys that are surrounded by the Northern Great Plains.
Art in the Black Hills is as diverse as the geography and the climate. The work we make here, both traditional and contemporary, is rooted in our common sense of place, rather than united by any similar style or philosophy of art.
As you travel from one scenic rural town (and one city) to another you will find that our galleries and studios offer many insights into how our “…common interests…” become “…uncommon interpretations.”