Associate Artists

Helen Goodman Champ

Helen’s watercolor journey began in 2015. Her style is loose and fluid/Impressionistic. Landscape, wildflowers and Nature’s bounty of the Black Hills is her constant inspiration.

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Karen Hill

Watercolor and acrylic are my passion and I paint all subjects including wildlife, landscapes, figures etc. In my paintings I usually have a problem that I like to solve regarding technique which helps me grow as an artist and teacher. The spontaneity of watercolor gives life and light to my paintings including those of Arctic life from my time in Alaska.

Maria McCoy

Maria’s passion to create visual arts began in 2007 when she was struck by an illness that left her unable to speak and wheelchair-bound. While she continues to explore her artistic talents through the use of a variety of mediums, it is her sincere hope to inspire others to tap into their creativity and use it as a means to promote well-being.

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Bambi Enos Palmer

My oil painting journey began when my Dad (artist) gave me some of his extra oil paints, brushes, and a pochade box.
My passion is realism. I am finding a lot of joy in Plein Air Painting.

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Lazy P Cross jewelry by Allison Petell

I find beauty all around me, inspiration in nature and relaxation in the process of creating.  I delight in quirks and individuality.  Each piece is crafted by me with hand tools, a little creativity, and a lot of determination.

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Sue Stoddart

Susan (SueStoddart interprets the landscape with oil and watercolors. Sue primarily interacts with her subjects in all seasons through small plein air paintings, but does find time in the studio for still life studies and larger works.

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Jill Tesnow

Jill has worked in many mediums in her art and finds it difficult to really settle on one, loving creative variety. If there was one, it would be watercolor. She is mainly a representational artist, but plein air painting has helped her to evolve as an artist, helping her to become more expressive and to explore color more in her personal art journey.

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