Arctic Huntress

A bronze sculpture by Jim Green of a female Snowy Owl in flight.

© Copyright – Jim Green

Arctic Huntress

Arctic Huntress is my depiction of a life size Snowy Owl in flight. This fierce lady, as defined by the bold markings on white feathers, is hunting for her family. She has made a pass over her prey on the arctic tundra and is coming around for another strike. This beautiful animal and it’s environment, although normally far from human habitation, and there fore concern, in most peoples’ lives, is still impacted by human actions. My hope is that while marveling at the beauty of this sculpture it will spark in you a desire to help change what is, so that Arctic Huntress does not become merely a monument to what was.

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20" x 31" x 33" Bronze Sculpture

Medium: Sculpture

Date Added: April 6, 2018

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