Jim Green


Jim Green’s bronze sculptures are forged from three complementary sides of a Midwestern life: time in the outdoors; technical experience in industrial workshops; and, most of all, love of nature. As a young man learning his trades, Jim created artwork in his spare hours. He experimented in various forms and subject matter—but he always returned to wildlife sculpture. In 2010, sculpture took center stage in his work and creative life—thanks to Proud to be Puffin, a piece accepted in Audubon Maine’s “The Puffin Project” art show. Since then, birds and other wildlife have allowed the perfect expression of Jim’s desire to protect the beauty that sustains us. They also have provided an outlet for his precise technical skills in structural design and metalworking.

With subtle shifts in a sculpture’s anatomy, posture, balance, concept, and structure, Jim creates the sense that each bird is about to move. Minimal yet integrated supports add to the context and “story” of each piece; tool marks and finger smears remind us of the human hands that created it; patinas highlight the original work and its subtleties. Jim personally completes each edition’s metal finishing and detailed patina. His work can be found in many juried art shows, exhibitions, permanent exhibits, galleries, and private collections across the country and abroad—including Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland, Colorado, and two museums in South Dakota. For more information on the art, artist, or gallery representation, please visit jimgreenart.com or contact greenscultpure@gmail.com or 605-209-4730.