Bonnie Halsey-Dutton


I paint in two different series of artwork. Through one series, I paint regional landscapes that depict my life experiences living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I also paint landscapes inspired by locations I have witnessed through global travel. The second series of artwork I create examines the historical past and how it continues to impact the present. Within this series of artwork, I frequently employ antique trade beads as a metaphor for humankind’s cultural interconnection. Beads such as these are physical objects that once served as a form of international currency, and they remain as a testament to humankind’s complex global interaction. Throughout human history, barter between cultures involved currency such as spices, textiles, weaponry, and sadly, other human beings. Many of these centuries-old practices continue today. My examination of global trade does not justify these practices. Instead, I strive to challenge thought about interaction between cultures as a continuing aspect of contemporary global exchange.

My watercolor paintings are rendered on Ampersand Archival Claybord, and are comprised of numerous layers of color. A glossy permanent varnish is applied to the surface, allowing the watercolor paintings to be displayed without glass. I also paint with traditional watercolor on paper as well as oil paint on various surfaces.

I am a professional artist as well as fine arts educator. I hold a PhD in Art History and Education from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in Art and Visual Culture. I exhibit my paintings and I teach art both nationally and internationally. The workshops that I lead encourage creative risk-taking through use of multimodality.

My paintings are represented by Prairie Edge Gallery in Rapid City, SD, and I am an instructor for The Art in the Algarve School in Olhão, teaching an annual creativity workshop there. My full resume is available through my website: Bonnie Halsey-Dutton. Additionally, my website includes an extensive collection of images and descriptions about my artwork in a blog that I write about my artistic undertakings.